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Sophie and Sian

September 8, 2010

I was reading afterellen today and found out about the little young teen couple on Coronation Street. I spent most of the day catching up on youtube. It’s very cute. The girls, Sophie and Sian have really great chemistry. The story hasn’t really set a wrong foot yet. The coming out is almost done now and they supposedly will settle into a relationship. This is where all the stories go wrong, so we’ll see. They are teenagers on a soap, so I expect they’ll break up at some point, the question is how will this happen? Will they insult me as a lesbian? I have more hope for this as British soaps seem to do it better than American soaps. I can say the same thing for the German soaps. One more subscription to follow on youtube, let’s see how this ends up.

There are lots of comparisons to Naomily, but there is something different about this pair. They seem more innocent and less raw. I loved Naomily’s first season but something about the fans or the show in the second season turned me off. I don’t think it’s necessary to compare though. It’s great that English teens have two great teen couples to look up to. I wish I’d had it as a kid.


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