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All Over Me (1997, 90 minutes)

October 25, 2010




High School best friends reach a crossroads when one of them gets a boyfriend and the other begins to come to terms with her budding sexuality.

The Review:

This movie is part of the 90’s mini explosion  of lesbian movies. In fact, it is a sign that filmmakers are getting together to make more of these projects together. Producers Alex and Sylvia Sichel got some help from “The Incredibly True Adventure from two Girls in Love’s” producer, Maria Maggenti. Maggenti actually gave money to help this movie get finished. Well it is a good thing she did. In the growing lesbian market, we are seeing more and more aspects of the coming out story. But not just that, we are beginning to see that lesbian relationships are not perfect. The young women in this movie learn that sometimes people don’t love you, they use you. It may remind some of their own troubled relationship. Almost all of us know the story of a straight girl teasing the lesbian with the possibility of a relationship. It happens so often, it’s become a cliche.

Fortunately for our heroine, Claude (Alison Foland), there is life outside of this impossible love. The best part of the movie is when she broadens her horizon and meets a young woman, Lucy (Leisha Hailey), who knows what she wants and is not afraid to let Claude know it. Although, this is a very satisfying side plot, All over me is not really a love story. It is at its core a movie about letting go, hence it doesn’t get more then 3 lips in my review.

Several of the actors have interesting lesbian connections. Alison Foland played another sexually ambiguous character in the movie “To Die For.” The best friend’s boyfriend, Mark, is played by Cole Hauser who played a skinhead in “Higher Learning,” which also contained a major lesbian character. And last but not least, Leisha Hailey is in the band The Murmurs and was then the real life girlfriend of KD Lang. Now, she’s known for her role in the L Word.

As a story, it is pretty predictable and it does drag at parts. I had to keep nudging my ex to stay awake during the first part, so that isn’t a good sign (Although, I was awake and on my second viewing). As I am updating my reviews, I am trying not to change too many things. I update facts. I think I have gotten a lot of distance from this movie and I wouldn’t rank it as highly. I have no desire to re-watch it. The acting is subpar. I found the lead and Leisha to be lacking. Some awkward moments where I wasn’t sure if the acting was mas making things awkward or the writing. I called it a must back then, I would now call it historically interesting.



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