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I followed a favorite writer here and decided to revive an old site of mine right here on wordpress.

Lesbian Flicks was something I created sometime in the 90s, under one of my many names,  as my effort to review lesbian movies since so many left a nasty taste in my mouth. I reviewed movies with a lesbian eye. I gave it two ratings: one for romance (5 lips being the best) and one for overall quality (5 film reels being the best). My many internet interests pulled me away from that site.  Television lesbians became a large interest.

I will begin by uploading my old reviews and we’ll see where I go from there. Actually, I think I have figured out what I am going to do. I have quite a few older lesbian movies that I am pretty sure very few have seen. I am going to review these movies after I upload my old reviews. I am going to aim for an old review a day  and then do some old movies from my collection. The task after that would be to review the newer movies that have come out since I stopped writing this. But we’ll see if I lose interest by then.
In revisiting my old reviews, I have realized times have changed. It was difficult in the past to get a hold of some movies. You had to purchase them at a gay bookstore or have a video store that was liberal enough to carry them. Now, you can go online, check out youtube or netflix and you can probably find any title. It’s a better time for us in that sense but it’s also sad to see that studio lesbian productions are still a dream. Times haven’t changed that much.

I will also be posting television rants or other things that pop into my head.

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